This is a base 3d object, built to hold scenery and other static objects. If the object neeeds to be animated, c_Sprite should be used instead.

void c_3dObj::Translate(SPoint v)

Translates the sprite according to v

void c_3dObj::DeleteObject(GrEngine* eng)

Deletes the object from the Graphics Engine

void c_3dObj::Load(GrEngine* eng, LPCSTR file, SPoint p)

Loads the object from a resource file located at 'file' : object will appear in location defined by point 'p'

HRESULT c_3dObj::SetMaterial(LPCSTR file)

Sets the material with one defined at the location 'file' If there is an error loading or using the material, the function may return error information


Ogre::SceneNode* objNode, Ogre::Entity* objEntity

OGRE classes used to manipulate objects