Breakdown of Tasks

This page lists the tasks we're all currently assigned, and what has to be assigned. I created this since there's a lack of organization going on, which is probably my fault since I'm the one in charge (That being said I'm blaming dr00 anyhow for no reason whatsoever).

Don't know what you gotta do? Check here. Looking for something to do? Check here. Want to see what's been done? Well you get the idea.

If you are in charge of something this is an ongoing task that is not expected to be complete or necessarily have most of your attention. If you are "Working on" something, this is a temporary task that should have most of your attention, and be concluded in the near future (project term wise, at least).

Team roles are also included

None of us know exactly how animations will work using the DirectX engine; myself included. Hence character animations will be the priority for now; I need to implement them and see how they work before collision detection is used. It would be futile to use collision detection when there is a very high possibilty all my work would be thrown out and started anew for collision detection to work with animation. A simple walk animation (in both directions) with a turning animation is what is required.

So the priority is to get the model done, then add the requisite animation and then throw this in with the map that has been designed and modeled. This is a big step but the sooner we can get this done the better. We still shouldn't ignore the other tasks as we are a large group and obviously we cannot all be working on this specific priority; though we can all be doing work that is conductive to getting the game actually done.


Director/Lead Programmer

In charge of: Writing and tending to the initial game code

Working on: Model for Serenity


Lead Artist

Working on: Model for Phreyn


Texture Artist

Working on: Texturing the map for Stony Ruins


Assistant Programmer

Not yet tasked


Assistant Programmer

Not yet tasked


Assistant Artist

Not yet tasked


Voice Actor/3D advisor

In charge of: Dealing with our current lack of modelling know how.
His courses. Alfred is busy and will be the least tasked.

Stuff that needs to be done:

Concept art draft for Serenity
Concept art draft for Yarika
Concept art draft for Khiroch
Model for Yarika (easier)
Model for Khiroch(harder)
Designing more stages