Control System


This button describes the mapping of buttons on the controller, as well as required inputs for any advanced techniques common to all characters.

Target controller

The controller form we are aiming to use is the Logitech Gamepads, specifically the F310, as this model shares a button mapping with the XBOX 360 controller, which seems a pretty good standard to meet.

PC owners are overwhelmingly more likely to buy them; since they are cheap and commonly sold.



Jump: Tap up on the left stick.

Edgegrabbing; done automatically when falling nead an edge.

Blocking: Hold Right Triger to block. Direction determined by the L stick.

Dodge: Block in the air.

Dive-dodge: Block in the air while moving the control stick in the desired dodge direction. (not yet implimented)

Spot-Dodge: Block while crouching on the ground.

Base Attacks A, B, and C are categories of attacks the player has. executed by hitting their respective button alone.

Directed Attacks: Same as above, but with the L-stick tapped towards the desired direction. Can be done with all three attacks.