Game Overview

Game Concept

Multiplayer one on one combat.

Feature Set

Battle up to 3 friends at a time.

Complete a story based mode, with a different story for each character.

Battle on multiple stage with varying terrain and layouts.


Fighting game

Target Audience

As a fighting game, the target audience would consist of more competitive gamers, particularly those who seek a balanced one on one battle system.

Game Flow Summary

Look and Feel


The visual theme of the game will be medieval and fantasy based. Characters will often wield melee weapons and may end up being tolkiennish in theme.


Characters in the game will be vibrant and recognizable in demeanor and appearance. Each character will have a unique background that will be explored throughout the course of the game. Appearances will be formidable or intimidating, given the genre of the game. Characters are to be non-realistically rendered, cartoonish but with realistic proportions and a more serious look.


Rife with conflict; either between characters or between a character and his/her goals. Struggles and hardships would be suitable in the storyline. As well, the atmosphere should have an epic feel to it, wherein characters are taking part in events with extraordinary consequences.


Stages are to be as varied as the characters, and will be in keeping with the fantasy based theme. Stages can take place most anywhere, and locations will vary. Due to the design of the game and the way stages affect gameplay there will be obvious limits on design. More about this can be found in the mechanics section.

Project Scope

4 Characters

4 Stages