General Movement:
Characters move through the variable input from a joystick type attachment to a USB controller.

Ground Movement:
The character will move along the ground in a variable velocity, which depends on the angle of the joystick. If the joystick is pressed from neutral to full tilt suddenly, the character will dash into a run, until the joystick is released. At this time, the character will slow to a stop. The speed of the run, and the relative lagtime resorting from a stop, depend on the character.
While running, if the player switches direction, the character will pivot and, after some lagtime, switch directions.
Ground-To-Air movement
The initial horizontal velocity of a character in the air, proceeding a jump, is equal to the velocity of the character just before the jump.

Directional Influence (Air Movement)
While in the air, a player may use his joystick to influence which direction his character travels, to some extent. This works to slow down or speed up momentum, but can not help to exceed the initial velocity of a character before the jump. Some characters will have more or less directional influence than others.

Directional Influence (Recovery Movement )
If struck, a character may be launched in any direction, and unable to perform a move, or jump. During this time, the player is considered to be tumbling. At the time of impact, a player may strike his directional stick from the netural position to a corresponding direction, which will change the direction of the momentum. The change in direction can never be greater than 90 degrees during a tumble.
After a Character is done tumbling, normal Directional Infleunce will apply.

Other Movement
Spot Dodge
Characters may perform a spot dodge, which allows them to avoid attacks without changing location. A lagtime of vulnerability is associated with this move after the move has been performed. Variance in speed and lagtime of the spot dodge depend on the character.
Roll Dodge
Characters will roll in a direction specified if the player taps a direction while holding their shield. Distance, speed, and vulnerability of the roll depends on the character.
Air Dodge
Characters will be able to perform an air dodge. This motion works as a spot dodge, unless given a direction. If given a direction, the character will dodge in that direction. After the spot dodge, the character is considered tumbling.
Special Abilities
Certain special abilities will manoeuvre characters in special ways. Certain special abilities will also work in multiple directions. For a detailed account of these abilities, refer to the Section 6.3 Characters.