Hitbox Editor

The hitbox editor is a currently developed tool for editing the hitboxes and attackboxes of fighters added to the game. The end goal is to have an easy to handle visual gui that can write information to and from the hitbox files with ease.

exapmple .script file for Serenity:


All moves will be organized with initialized opening and closing tags such as "<NA> </NA>" The first initial will relate to a direction (U= up, D = Down, F = forward and N = neutral) and the second intial will relate to a button (A, B, or C). This example tag is NA for Neutral A. All aerial attacks will be preceded by a lower case a. Were this an aerial neutral A, the tags would become </aNA> <aNA>

Thus, all information for each move will be localized in the tags.

++Initial Data

Before anything else the number of vertices to be used must be declared. "<vertex=4/>" does just that, setting aside 4 vertices for our framedata.


The next level or organization will contain frames. The relevant tags are <frame=0.0 > and </frame>. In this particular case all information pertaining to the starting frame (frame 0.0) will be located between these tags.

Vertex Data

Finally in the frame tags is where all info about the vertices for that frame is held. Here we have set a location in x and y for all 4 vertices:


As can be seen, all vertices have an associated number. All data consists of some prefix followed by the vertex number. Possible prefixes include:

vtx : for setting the location of the vertex
dmg: the damage of this particular vertex.
mag : for setting the magnitude of velocity given to victim of attack.
dir : for setting the angle of velocity from the attack, in radians Will range between -Pi and Pi*
wgt : A value between 0 and 1. 1 denotes the attack determines velocity, and relative position to the attacker is ignored. 0 denotes that ONLY the relative position to the attacker matters, and all velocity data from the attack is discarded in favour of this. Any number between denotes a weighted average.

Additionally, instead of a number 'D' can be used as in "wgtD 1"

This denotes a default that will not need to be specified in the framedata. As long as weight is not re-defined for this example the program will always read the weight as this default value.

*yes, I will probably swap this to degrees in the near future.