SoulEdit is the tool used to view and edit basic content within the game. 0.1 has just been released.

The latest version will be available below.

Current version is 0.5. This should be stable.

New functionality added:
-Multiple tracks are now enabled.
-Tracks may be copied from other tracks of the same move
-keyframes are movable

-model no longer occludes hitbox
-tweening values between keyframes should work properly.

part 1
part 2
part 3

++Track types

Track types differ from attack type in that they are only set for one track of the selected attack (if the attack is a multi-track). Track types can be selected via checkbox, at the time of writing there is no limit or restriction on using them with attack types, or each other.



Radial changes the hitbox from a polygon connected by the vertices to a series of circles, one per vertex. There is an additional value to select, which is the radius of the circles.

Take note, that for an exploding (with 1 explode factor / weight) move the direction is determined by the centre of the track, and not the vertex! So make sure the center gets set to something useful.



Vacuum imparts a special behavour, instead of being stunned in place the victim of the attack becomes re positioned to the center vertex of the attack. Damage, momentum and velocities will continue as normal. This is designed to help attacks set one another up for combos, and increase control for the player.