Character Overview:

Born an orphan, Phreyn never much cared for the uneven distribution of wealth he saw about him. Committed to doing everything it took to escape poverty, he joined his first mafia when he was a young lad and ruthlessly climbed the ranks of the criminal underworld. Unsurprisingly, he has made many enemies on the way; something he dealt with routinely until a coup forced him out of power and sent him running for his life. Taking the offer to be in the tournament as a means of escaping his enemies and hitmen, he fights so that he may see whose who've forced him into hiding destroyed.


Phreyn's attire fits somewhere in between well dressed and practical. He wears thick brown boots with military laces that end about halfway up his calves; deep blue canvas pants are tucked into the top of his boots, held onto him by a thick black belt with a rectangular golden buckle. The shape of the belt is obscured by items attached to it; namely a small canteen, a pair of vials, a short dagger and a smoke bomb. For a top he wears a simple leather baldric in 2 shades of brown; the shoulderpads, lacing, front side and inside seams are all a deeper colour of brown. He also wears a grey, loose fitting sash that hooks onto his belt and folds over his far shoulder.

For hair he has somewhat shaggy hair; it resembles that of that of Ken Masters (SF4 era) but jet black. His features are pale; but not so much as to make him look vampric in appearance. He has blue eyes and wears a golden choker around his neck.


Phreyn is a quicker more fragile character, relying on aerials, combos and 'hit and run' attacks to be successful. He can be likened to Cammy, Shiek, Fox McCloud, Choi Bounge and similar characters.

I've been brief here because while I know what sort of fighter I want to develop Phreyn into, I don't want to limit myself in how it can be done. I'd rather tweak mechanics to better suit the characters, than tweak my characters to better suit mechanics. So in short this sections is highly unlikely to change, but Phreyn's movelist likely will.

Visible Mechanic

All of Phreyn's special moves have an entirely separate pattern when executed in the air.

Core Mechanic

Hit and run. Breaking an opponents defensive position long enough to deal damage and escape. Phreyn is the most basic of the fighters.

Proposed Abilities

Double Jump

Phreyn can jump once in midair while he is airborne, leading to 2 jumps (Or just one, if he dropped off a ledge then jumped). He will get his double jump back if he does a wall jump.

Watch out for…

- Too much ease of movement. Without restrictions, the double jump could lead to a broken degree of freedom for Phreyn.
- Stalling. It is not my intent for this mechanic to be used to stall a match. Stalling in advanced play isn't quite such a big deal, but in regular play it is not.

Wall Jump

Phreyn can kick off a wall or vertical structure, jumping off of it. The jump will have less velocity than his standing jump (jumping off of a wall is slower). Phreyn can only wall jump once before hitting the ground.

Watch out for…

- Once again, stalling. Especially coupled with the double jump.
- Phreyn using walls to gain severe advantages. This mechanic should lead to occasional clever use of terrain. If it leads to players camping by walls to gain a severe strategic advantage, we've done something wrong.

OTG move: Small hitbox but gives good stagger/redirect when executed OTG.

-Would likely work as a variable range move; proper range must be chosen.

Proposed Moves

Dagger Drop

Command: Undecided

In The Air: Phreyn drops a dagger straight down while in midair. The dagger will take some time to fall and gain speed, and can be used as a delayed attack to keep the opponent busy and put pressure on him or her. If this projectile is struck by an attack of any sort, it will be destroyed, not unlike Ibuki's daggers from Street Fighter 3/4

On The Ground: Phreyn tosses a dagger that travels from his hand to the ground roughly 4 metres (120 px) in front of him. If the dagger does not strike the ground it will fly 6 metres before vanishing.

Watch out for…

An important caveat for this move is that it can be blocked by an attack. As a result, this will become very annoying if characters cannot attack up. Especially when they are in the air as well, and have little other recourse.

Can result in Phreyn camping high ground and spamming knives to stall or keep an opponent at bay. If this is the case this can easily be solved by restricting how fast knives can be thrown, or slowing the move altogether.

Reason for Existence

This move is a lead in move. It is in Phreyn's arsenal to distract and create opportunities for Phreyn to advance. It is also a fairly situational move in that it must be executed from above the opponent, or within close range from the side. This is NOT intended to be a spammy projectile, lacking both the range and power to make it so.

This will also give Phreyn some advantage while defending higher ground. Since the knives travel downward, and fly farther if Phreyn stands on a cliff or pedestal they are good to harass.

Whirling Dash

Command: Undecided

In the Air: Phreyn immediately loses all momentum and flies forward for 3.5 metres (100 px), as he makes long, sweeping slashes with his sword(s). Will knock a struck opponent back. Can hit twice.

On The Ground: Phreyn dashes forward twice as far as he does in the air. Will knock a struck opponent up. Can hit twice

Watch Out For…

Reason for Existence

Gives Phreyn movement options. In the air this will stall his drop and give him some horizontal momentum as well. On the ground this gives him the option of making a quick burst, both giving him an avenue of escape and a means of punishing mistakes. This move itself is highly punishable as well; and when used incorrectly will make Phreyn even more predictable due to the long recovery time on this command.

Very effective as an aerial since it has high priority. Mediocre damage but can be easily combo'd from.

Spin Launcher:

In the Air: Kills all momentum and spins a short distance towards direction. Hitbox will surround Phreyn. Large recovery time.

On the Ground: Chargable advance move; on release Phreyn will move (More distance and power with charge) and spin in a 360. He strikes his opponent with one dagger, before following up and launching him with the other dagger.
Air Spin:

Watch Out For…

Linking. This move should never be linked into on the ground; it is bad form for a launcher to be. The reason being is that launching is a potentially high skill and high reward tactic, buffered by the difficulty of actually launching an opponent. If Phreyn could reliably and methodically launch his opponent, he could quickly become a broken character.

Reason for Existence

Defense. With this move he is less vulnerable to being taken out of the air with predictable yet high priority anti-air attacks. The presence of this move gives opponents who might do this something to think about, as opposed to blindly chasing him.

Note that if the move does not connect, Phreyn's situation grows worse as the recovery time is more than ample enough for him to be punished. Use of this move is thus limited. This does not get him out of jail free; but it does give him a means of control while he is in the air.

Cross Slash

Command: Undecided

In the air: Phreyn strikes forward with both daggers, temporarily losing a touch of vertical momentum when doing so. Moderate hit box and relatively fast recovery time.

On the Ground: Phreyn will dash diagonally upward, turning around at the conclusion of his jump to attempt to rend his opponent with both daggers. This diagonal dash will never bring him father than ~6 feet vertically.

Watch out For…

Reason for Existence

This is a low risk, low reward move in the air. Other moves in his repertoire may be better for advancing; this is designed to help Phreyn keep an opponent at bay. Low combo ability, which means potential damage is sacrificed for the purpose of keeping Phreyn in control.

On the ground this turns into a move that carries considerable risk, but used opportunistically can position Phreyn in close proximity to his opponent.