Character Overview

Serenity is a Psychic Dwarf, who fights with a large, telekineticaly-controlled double sword. An avid investigator of the spiritual and paranormal, she has suspicions on the tournament and it's organizers after following a man she has linked to demonic organizations. Believing that there are ulterior motives to the tournament, but with little information on those motives she joins in an attempt to discover more, and be in a position to impede the outcome of the speculated demonic involvement.



Serenity herself stands 4 feet tall and is usually levitating a foot in the air. She wears dark brown travelling boots which extend up to her calf, fitting over a close fitting pair of white pants. An odd looking and loose fitting belt loops twice around her hips; with pouches to hold stones and crystals. She wears a sleeveless grey blouse with a white collar. On both of her wrists she wears a large golden hoop bracelets. Her hair is red and done up in braids along the sides of her head and ending in a ponytail that dips down to her elbows.

The sort of theme I am going here is somewhere between cute (She is a short dwarf) dangerous ( She throws a massive sword at people ) and mystic (She throws the sword with her mind). The aim of the character is to have a dangerous and brutal yet still feminine character. The theme would be a blend of Scottish and Mystic, so maybe druidic elements if you want to bother to look them up. I'll trust your artistic license on this, besides if anything in the draft looks off we can alter it as it's only a draft.

Her sword, which is constantly hovering nearby is roughly 8 feet long; size will be adjusted to balance the character.



Serenity is slow and floaty but has a very high attack range when using her sword. Each attack will both send out the sword in a specific pattern and speed, while Serenity makes a weaker, but much faster melee attack with her fists, feet and/or psionics. She will recover from the melee animation far faster than the sword can recover from its own. This allows both to enable her to remain on the attack after a swing, and to defend herself should a swing of her sword miss entirely.

In order to make up for her lack of burst mobility and fragility Serenity must use her sword both defensively and offensively. Offensive use is fairly straightforward and likely doesn't need further explanation. Defensive use would pivot more on positioning the sword between herself and her opponent, and acting with caution for as long as the sword is in its attack animation and thus unusable.

Serenity is a glass cannon.

Visible Mechanic

Serenity throws a giant sword towards stuff. Management and positioning of her runesword will be her focus; she will hold an advantage when she is just outside most character's ranges.

Inevitably this will be broken, and opponents will break their way in. Defensively, Serenity must make a choice; try to restore the ideal range or press the attack and score damage on her attacker.

Core Mechanic

Spacing and positioning are the most crucial aspects to playing as Serenity.

Controlling the position of the sword

This could be a tricky one, and there's been a lot of ideas put forth.

My suggestion would be a radius in which the sword must be within Serenity's position. If it is not within this circle it will position itself there in the shortest distance. Normally, it will try to keep itself in relation to this position (if it was above Serenity's head and she jumps, it will attempt to remain above her head through the jump. This is not a tight restriction so not inherently true; if she moves around a lot the sword will try to keep up.

To position the sword a shoulder button can be hit, so long as it is held down Serenity can move but her sword may stay still. Holding the button down then moving behind the sword would re-position it in front with this method. Double tapping this button would bring the sword to Serenity's position. Sword strikes would bring the sword to a new position without any interest in returning to its starting point.

This would allow for an intuitive and easy way to position the sword. However the system may be awkward in that re-positioning the sword involves re-positioning Serenity instead.

Additionally, for the position of the sword to be significant there must be moves which will attack with the sword based on the position of the sword, and not the position of Serenity. Moves could be set to execute on release of the appropriate button; as long as the button is held down the sword will fly towards it's starting position, and will attack when released. Under this system the sword would automatically make its attack once it has arrived at the appropriate starting position. A minimum for flight time/startup frames applied to each move would allow us to tweak things as necessary; practically requiring the sword to be next to her before certain heavy attacks come out.

This remains t be discussed at the next meeting.

Fighter Abilities

Special Moves

Normal Moves

Other animations

Ledge Roll (20 frames)

From a ledge-grab, Serenity floats up the side of the ledge in a jump to scale the ledge. Once she has cleared the ledge she tucks and does a levitating and floaty somersault roll in the air before coming to rest at 2 body widths away from the corner of the ledge.

Ledge Climb (14 frames)

From a ledge-grab, Serenity pushes off the platfrom with her arms to throw herself up and forward, until she is floating in the idle animation on the very tip of the ledge.

Animator's note: For this animation, it may be easier to physically move Serenity during the animation instead of animating her in place and moving her with the game engine.

Spot Dodge (40 frames)

Serenity does a very small hop and executes a 360 degree spin in place. Alpha-fading will be added in the game engine.

Telekinetic Hover (60 frames)

Serenity's 'second jump', this is a floating hover that she can use to propel herself further up. Her trajectory will be smooth instead of abrupt, as this is more of a thrust over time than an immediate jump.

Hit on ground (variable)

Serenity twists back slightly with her body angled back from recoil.

Hit into Air (Variable)

Serenity soars into the air with her body arched. Will end with a flip into an upright falling position once the hitstun has expired.

Knockdown (8 frames)

From being Hit into Air, Serenity lands on the ground and collapses on her side.

Stand Up (14 frames)

From being knocked down, Serenity sits up before propelling herself back up to hover in the air as per her idle animation.

Dr00's comments overall

It seems like an interesting character idea. The notion that the blade is a separate entity than the character seems like it promises a fun, interesting set of mechanics and rules to be explored by the player.

I would maybe look at potentially including some sort of mechanic that ties in the relationship between her and the blade more directly. Right now, your use of the blade is as a proprietary weapon and defense mechanism, but little mention of how this will be accomplished has been made. It simply seems to right now take on a slower version of every attack the character performs. Are there any blade only attacks? Perhaps this character should be one of the only ones with special two button attacks that move only the sword? or shift its position around the character, the way Gin would shift his attack mode?

Perhaps there's a way to include the use of the weapon in a more complex strategy of playing her? One can imagine the player spamming small attacks while the weapon does a big one, or defensively waiting for their weapon to be ready to use. I would like to imagine some sort of cool combo where the player can shoot a firebolt (a move that doesn't use the sword) and then tie in a sword move after, before the character itself recovers, if performing the correct button sequence. Or, maybe give the player the ability to control the POSITION of the sword while performing non-sword based moves? Almost like a slow parry of somekind. A balancing drawback could be generally lower overall recovery, while still being able to defend while attacking.

Not to give the character a means of indefinitely attacking/defending, but maybe two part combo's that require more than one set of motions, ones that once mastered will give the player a strong ability to fight with this character.

Also, it seems like blade control is important in this character as well. I would like to see that the blade itself is an object capable of deflecting attacks and doing damage while dormant, something less powerful but equivilant to a persistant version of the Aegis Reflector from SF3Strk.
<afterthought on this one> Maybe not like an aegis, but maybe weildable to do things similar. An attack hitting the blade would be blocked, in my mind, even in the air.

I think that the challenge here should be in being conservative enough with the sword attacks to maintain it as a constant spacing aid. This character seems spacing based as it is. Utilizing blade attacks that would simply end the blade in a different position than it was before would be a fantastic little bit of spacing game to watch being played against someone.