Stage Design

There are some primary considerations for designing a stage

Stages should not be restrictive, and always offer multiple routes of advance to a character. If one fighter has really good control over a particular desired area, the advancing fighters need not move directly to the area. Stages should be built such that an advancing fighter can at least move to ground that is more suitable for pressing an attack. Thus, even the 'high ground' or areas that confer an advantage need conflicting areas that can serve as a route of access.

Stages should be open, but not overly open. It should be kept in mind that most stages are designed for 2 fighters only, and excess space will lead to camping.

Players should not be forced to fight the stage. Stage interaction is a good thing, but if this is taken to such an extreme that it can dominate the flow of battle on it's own then we have lost control over our own mechanics. Players generally wish to fight once another, not the stage.