Stony Ruins

Stony Ruins is the name given to the first designed stage. This is designed to be the stage for Serenity, 4 others are slated to be desitgned as well.

Basic Design

-Grey ruins with greco-roman pillars.
-Much overgrowth; emphasis on exotic plants.
-Use of grey with green allows for contrast, colour effects.
-Contrast green with 'greyspace': Need to have some surfaces to reflect light off of.
-Troughs/indents on pillars: Can make excelent use of colour/shading here. 'Green Space' should be at a minimum here.
-Use of shrubbery in background to break up horizon line.
-Background: Don't eclipse the fucking gameplay!

Additional Effects Under Consideration:

-Possibility: transition between colours in the morning/evening
-Reduce the effects of colour on the plants, perhaps before rendering.
-Small objects in foreground/midground can enhance perspective and location (Motion of shrubs as player runs through them will assist in locating the player in fast paced gameplay.
-Leaves from falling vines can enhance the above point.
-Projectiles and characters interact with background (bushes sway, leaves fall)
-Will need particle effects for this; while cool not a priority for now. But leave things open ended so it can be added later
-Emphasis on more flat characters with detail in background: lets the player's character stand out further; this is a trope already placed in our mind from anime, cartoons, etc

Technical Considerations:

-Render the plants in a separate layer from the stage, so they may be managed separately.
-When playing with lights I only need the triplet RGB, type of light and location triplet.

Shading Approaches

-3 tone cellshading possible
-depth based border for clarity
-Character outlines will terminate at the shadows. There should be a subtle fade to merge the two, this might be a short flick from say brown to black or whatever on the inside of the shadow for example. The opposite could be done with the fade before the shadow but a pronounced spike of colour going into the shadow might give a better sense of object shape/ volume.
-Warm brown might merge a bit better
-Outline on the inside of model