History of the game world

The world began on the whim of a single entity. This entity was an engima; chaotic and unstructured yet eventually laying out an ordered world. It is unsentient yet it thinks, and from these thoughts come the world, the creatures that inhabit it and the magic that courses through it. This is the heart of all creation; responsible for all that exists.

As mortal society progressed a group of sorcerers would discover more and more about this entity. It was learned by this group, the Sanguine, that were they to remove it, they could remake it under their control. Thus they sought to render the world an exclusive paradise for them under their control, and a hell for all others. To accomplish this, living weapons called 'cataclysms' would be unleashed on the heart of creations. There were three in total.

The first cataclysm, The Destroyer, was felled by heroes, but left the continent in a state of magical ruin, forcing an exodus to other lands.

The second cataclysm, The Demolisher, also failed but the damage it inflicted was severe; tearing away at the heard of creation. Pieces of this entity fell into the mortal world as shards of dinivinity, the posession of which made mortal men and women gods. Upon seeing the repeated attempts to unmake the world these gods soon united against the Sanguine. Outmatched, the Sanguine fell into hiding, yet they did not abandon their ambitions.

Forgotten over a millenia, some gods eventually broke alliance and turned on each other in the absence of a foe to remain united against. The Sanguine fanned these flames of war from the background, encouaging divine bloodshed. They developed necromancy too; letting it slip into mortal hands for further development.

When the time would come the Sanguine would roam the warfields of the gods, gathering the fallen and stiching the corpses together with necromancy to create the last and greatest cataclysm, The Devourer, who would be sent in to devour the heart of creation.

Backstory to the game

The game takes place while the Sanguine are still in hiding, guiding the world with a shadowed hand. The gods are fighting, and in the destruction of one the shard that brought him godhood shattered into even more pieces and scattered throughout the world. These fragments would escalate mortals to the status of a demigod with waning powers over time. However, should all the fragments be united and reforged, a new shard of divinity would await whomever undertook the task; minting a new god in the world of [WORLD NAME HERE].