This page covers the thematic style or presentation of the game. Here we will use the word style in the definition of visual or audial elements which remain consistent through the game. Ideally, style should stand out and give the game identity and should be easily recognizable. Ideally, a person should take one look at our game and be able to quickly recognize it. Borderlands, Team Fortress 2 and Arkham Asylum/City are great examples of this; you can take one look at any of these games and immediately recognize them.

Breakdown of necessary elements

What is desired is a style that is an ideal fit to the game itself. Ideally, selected elements work well with other aspects of the game so the final product all works well together. For our game, some considerations may need to be identified before the bulk of the decisions are made.


Being a fighting game, conflict is an invaluable element to include. This will be implicit in gameplay, but should continue to be a main theme referenced in other areas of our game. To apply this further, characters should be designed as battle-worn and aggressive, stages should be representative of the implied great battle taking place within.

Bright/vivid characters

Though we have only 4 characters designed for beta, should we release this game we are likely to have many more. Additionally, this would be the first introduction of our many characters to the audience. I'd say it is important that each character stand out and be readily differentiated from each other. Bright and consistent colour themes would be of use, and this philosophy has been used in other forms of media with many characters; notably comic books. While it may not be in our best interests to go overboard and make our characters so unique their presentation is over-the-top it will be important that they all remain easily recognizable.


Partly to keep in mind our target audience of older kids and adults, and partly to keep ourselves well separated from the next closest game genre wise, smash brothers. For the former, it would be of importance to design a setting that is less clean-cut and kid-friendly. For the latter, we don't have that same advantage of popular and nostalgic characters that smash did. Someone may have been excited to see many of their favourite characters in a game, but being brand new we will not have that advantage. Further I am concerned about keeping my distance from that game thematically, largely to keep our game with a separate identity.

Proposed Style

Hopefully after our Saturday discussion we will have a specific direction to write down here